The punctation mark

The past few months I feel like I lose my words. I try to write and then just do not. I think laziness so often defeats passion. For me anyways, and it really shouldn’t win. Laziness and maybe a pinch or two of no inspiration. Though this is not true, I am always surrounded by interesting experiences that make me think, why not write them down? Sometimes the punctation mark never arrives.

I am on the 78 tram so many days of the week and there is always something odd or amusing that happens. Then it becomes the norm, how long does an odd thing need to be regularly occurring to not become odd? The crack and ice addicts use this tram line in particular as it gets them between drug world on Victoria Street in Richmond, down to the housing commission in St Kilda. I want to tape record their conversations sometimes, and not to mock them or pity them, but because they give real insight to the people they are. Challenges me to not just assume they have the life I have made up for them in my head. This life is based on CSI, why CSI, I got no idea as I do not even watch that show. And a bit of the movie “Candy” with Heath Ledger and Geoffrey Rush in it. Their conversations are about everyday things, with a bit of a slur. Yesterday two guys with scabs and scar up their hands were talking about how amazing Nandos chicken was. I sometimes agree. Sometimes I do not.




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  1. Once while visiting Melbourne – my only time – I was on the tram and some bloke just sat down across from me with his ice cream cone and proceeded to munch away at it. Don’t get me wrong, I could have remained calm but this overwhelming giggle overcame me and as you know the seats are like a half centimeter apart so it was VERY DISTRACTING. I looked out the window, anything I could think of would not work. I tried everything though, I think I even shot some photos. I was not sure if this was something particular to Melbourne these tram antics, but I asked my friend about it and his only response was, well that is not allow at all. I don’t even think he was listening to the discomfort and humor of it at all.

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