Happy Birthweek to me.

This has to be one of the best birthdays. People say that all the time, I reckon I mean it. Deep in the bottom of my guts.

I had a party at my apartment, and the simple fact I had no expectation, made it a great night. Cal and I had been wondering whether to move or not, but when we had so many people compliment the place and say how homely it was, that was the deciding factor. We are staying.

Back to the party, we had people and music and conversations. The bestest combo, I read it in a book. It felt like my 21st, and I was surrounded by such a good group of people. To reflect back on my birthday last year and now, I have discovered so much and made so many new friendships. I am thankful.

Here are some photos, of the birthday festivities at the apartment. I had a bath with ice in it and drinks in the ice. It kept the cold.

Cal thinks this is funny.

The other birthday boy on the right, Dale and friend Dougy.