There Once Was a Little Bear

I was searching through my mac for a random word, when up came 100s of emails from my Mail. Then I discovered this, and I have no memory until now, of actually writing this. I wont edit it or change it. But I wrote it based on my own story when I first was coming out. It was titled, “Bedtime Story”.

Bear cub forest

There once was a little bear. He lived in a town a little way from the big city and enjoyed the wild forest around him.

He would go off by himself, and explore, because he felt different from the others. He would fill his mind with many fun adventures.

Pirates and wizards and monsters and space ships. The other bears would make sure he felt different, by always laughing at him or not making friends with him. Though he seemed happy enough and his family loved him.

Though one day, he decided the town was not where he belonged. And packed his bags and walked far far away.

On his journey he met many funny characters. In the woods he met a squirrel. He had never seen one before and found it most curious.

The bear told him he was from a long long way from here and the squirrel asked him many questions. The bear wasn’t used to someone taking so much interest in him, and found it most peculiar.

It was getting dark, so the squirrel had to say goodbye and head home, but the bear didn’t mind. He just smiled. He had made a friend.

Finally the bear got to a great city. It was much bigger than the city that lay by his town at home. He stood in awe at the bustling place. He found some lodging and settled in.

He would venture out every now and then, timidly at first, but then when he noticed people walked by and didn’t look at him, he walked with a slight spring in his step. He soon got courage to talk to people. The other bears would be polite back, and some would make conversation. The bear thought this was great. No one knew him but he was beginning to make friends.

Eventually Bear had many friends, and was constantly hanging out with them. The days of the forest and his imagination dimmed.

Though he had many friends, he still felt alone. Like no one fully understood him. But he didn’t dwell on it much because it wasn’t a feeling he had in words.

One day, he and his friend Rat were having lunch. Rat spoke up and said he knew of a friend once who grew up in a large plain surrounded by mountains.

He gave Bear his address and Bear wrote to him, to say hello. The other bear wrote back, the following day. He told of his life in the plains, and how he moved to the north, away from where he grew up, and the adventures he had gone on.

The letter arrived and Bear smiled as he read it, nodding and understanding all he wrote. He wrote back, and this begun a correspondence, two bears who understood each other.

Many moons past and Bear had finally made his way to the land of the long white cloud. Many adventures had gotten him there, and the next thing that felt right to do, was to travel there, and visit the other Bear finally.

He made his way out of the port and there was the other Bear, grinning. They gave each other a big bear hug and went on many adventures together.

The time came for Bear to leave. He didn’t want to feel alone again, but he had to go. Time wasn’t allowing. But they reminded each other, their lives had had a hole filled in them, that they didn’t think would ever be filled.

No matter what happened, they had a best friend in each other.

The boat sailed, and the last image Bear had of the other bear, was his paw on his heart, smiling. Knowing that the adventures had only just begun.


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