Stone Trees

You ever feel so thin inside that your mind rattles the cage of your senses? Days can go by and it is like you want the days to blur, you want them to not stand up as individual days. Waiting for something, when you know its like waiting for a stone to grow into a big stone tree (there is not any evidence that supports the existence of stone trees, yet). That has been me recently. I kind of feel that pull of a ship going by or the sound of momentum in someone’s step, but wonder why I don’t choose to do so myself. Momentum based activities I mean moved house, setting up a new home and that is progression. But it is another space, another excuse.

Enough of that intense deepness. The term I believe is vagueblogging? I am just frustrated in myself, as so many people are about their ownselves. I can peel an orange, so thats pretty good.

I am amazed that someone like Bryce Courtney could get up at 6am, sit at his desk and then write for 12 hours straight (hopefully with a snack in that time!) and then he would do it all over again the next day. I would need a drill to fix myself to the table. Though I guess the pain of the screws would be another distraction. You can never win.

I have also realised I do enjoy coffee. A lot. To the point that I need one or three to go through the day. I write this without coffee.



Though the girl at the coffee shop always struggles to spell my name. She needs a coffee.


Friday. Good.

So it is Good Friday. 2013. That is three years after 2010. For those who count in threes.

Work wise, Melbourne International Comedy Festival had begun and therefore its a little busy. So I am just at home writing while my phone constantly receives email and calls. And the shops are closed, everyone seems to forget this every year, so when you are actually craving a hot cross bun or chocolate, there is none anywhere. Not even the ones you baked a few days ago.

I start my new role in a month, event managing a theatre. Once again, another cool chapter to come I reckon. I shall write about it. Seems like the thing to do.

I went across and bought a coffee the other day. From a shop in Melbourne, a coffee shop at that. I stood there with the server who asked me what I was up to. I said, “work”. He said “cool”. Comedy Festival was mentioned and the barista’s ears pricked up. He said someone mistook him for Peter Helliar once. He is a not-so – funny comedian in Australia. I didnt really have much to say to that, and the barista then volunteered the fact he was a stand up comedian once upon a time in Perth. I looked impressed, got my coffee and then left the shop, the coffee shop.

PS this is Peter Helliar.

File:Peter Helliar.jpg


I also want to take this opportunity to advise people, it is three years until 2016. Especially for those that count in threes.