Friday. Good.

So it is Good Friday. 2013. That is three years after 2010. For those who count in threes.

Work wise, Melbourne International Comedy Festival had begun and therefore its a little busy. So I am just at home writing while my phone constantly receives email and calls. And the shops are closed, everyone seems to forget this every year, so when you are actually craving a hot cross bun or chocolate, there is none anywhere. Not even the ones you baked a few days ago.

I start my new role in a month, event managing a theatre. Once again, another cool chapter to come I reckon. I shall write about it. Seems like the thing to do.

I went across and bought a coffee the other day. From a shop in Melbourne, a coffee shop at that. I stood there with the server who asked me what I was up to. I said, “work”. He said “cool”. Comedy Festival was mentioned and the barista’s ears pricked up. He said someone mistook him for Peter Helliar once. He is a not-so – funny comedian in Australia. I didnt really have much to say to that, and the barista then volunteered the fact he was a stand up comedian once upon a time in Perth. I looked impressed, got my coffee and then left the shop, the coffee shop.

PS this is Peter Helliar.

File:Peter Helliar.jpg


I also want to take this opportunity to advise people, it is three years until 2016. Especially for those that count in threes.



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  1. Congratulations on the new role, I’m sure you’ll do really well.
    Yeah, Friday was uneventful – at most I just cleaned my place and did a bit of reading.
    No hot cross buns for me either or easter eggs, the former gets me digestive system screwed, the latter screws with my calories. LOL.

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