Lloyd’s Adventures in London 2005 Chapter 19

Hello to everyone
I’m Lloyd, and this is my 19th Chapter of My Adventures.
Well where did i leave off.. Cant remember, but yeah I will start with saying, one of my goslings died (baby geese) So only two babies, and they are all grown up now, almost as big as their parents.
Will go over highlights… Well I have gone out clubbing a few times, and the summer has really come. 32 degrees and humid. The tube is hell. I have tried to avoid it. But was so good to experience summer, there is nothing as cool as walking through hyde park that has come alive with people everywhere. All having picnics and flying kites and playing with toy boats. And no Im not on the set of Mary Poppins II !
I finished up Discovery Channel two weeks ago now, it was sad to leave again, but not as sad because I knew I was only back for a few weeks, and to be honest, very glad to leave. The following days, I met up with people and said my goodbyes to friends. It was all very sad to be saying goodbye to the friends I had made and done so much with. I left London last Friday the 9th of June for Sydney. I decided to come back for a while to just chill out and look at work prospects. So I hope to see all my friends again soon, but now I am back in sydney, unaware to a lot of people, which has been good, cause I have been able to just chill out in quiet. The last few days before I left were quite stressful though. A friend back home worked for a freight company, and he arranged that I could send home a box through his company for free. And since it was gonna cost about 200 pounds, I decided on his company, just meant I had to take it to his work, which was apparently just south of Heathrow Airport. So Lloyd set out on his day to the company, carrying his 18 kg box, on the bus, the tube, another tube, then a bus to heathrow airport. I went to find a taxi but noone would take me cause it was just outside the metropolitan area so a 25 pound minimum cost. So I got the bus back and then another bus to a local town. The road I was meant to find was about a 20 minute walk away, which i did, in the hot sun. I had forgotten to take water with me, and I was quite thirsty but soldiered on. The road the place was meant to be on.. started at number 380. I walked and walked.. along next to farms and little houses and then big mansions. This border collie ran after me and tried to attack me, and then the police asked me where I was going, walking along the road with this big cardboard box. They let me go on. I got to number one.. and the place wasnt there. I ended up in a little village. I called up directory service, to find out, I had the road, but their was the same road in another town, on the other side of London. So I collapsed on a bench next to a church and a pet cemetry and was very frustrated. 5 hours into my trip I stood back up and walked along the road more and finally found a small train station, that took me back to London, so got the tube and two buses, and got back home. so 7 hours all together, and I still had the box, which i ended up leaving in London. What a great last day in London. The following morning, Kris helped me to the airport very kindly, and i discovered he had never been to an airport, bless him! Was sad to say goodbye to my last friend in London and get on the plane.
So now im back, and its very surreal to be in sydney again, in the horrible cold too. I have seen a few people and plan to see a few more in the next few days. I cant explain the sensations I feel, its like i woke up out of a dream and i never left for London. But I will be back and my adventures will continue, well they will continue here. I head off for new zealand in just over 2 weeks for 3 weeks, and that will be great.
So for now, I will sign off. May my adventures and yours continue. And your siblings adventures too. If you have them.


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