Back Home and settled… new job…

Ok well

I thought I would write a new blog. Its been quite a while and my writing skills are going rusty so I will attempt something new.

Well 2 months ago I was employed as the producer’s assistant for two producers who are the head of a tv company in north sydney. I am pretty much in routine now and I enjoy what I am doing.

This is me and my friend Simmy at her 21st in October.

I pretty much work and get home at 7pm, then have a few hours to spare.. until it is then late and Lloyd must sleep. But I try vary stuff, I started at the gym now so look out. Fitness first is my gym, am i ashamed? mmm no. they are good sellers (go matty!) and plus if I go back to UK I can use the gym there, hey we are all winners!

On the weekend I usually hang out with my special people, another word for friends. Club or bar or pub… or video and couch or coffee shop or wharf or.. well depends on weather and person.

Its summertime almost and its awesome, though right now we have verged back into winter. I am wearing jumpers and it pours with rain. Did the winter come to the wrong place… ahem.. England is… that way.

I still have plans in the back of my head to get back to UK for about april next year, to avoid the winter as well as I want to stay with this company for at least 6 months, they are good to me.

I feel rather boring at the moment, not as fun writing these as Lloyd’s adventures used to be.. ah well.

We will see.. we will see.



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