When you say you will do something.. and dont

Well yeah, I never ended up blogging my trip overseas. Though it would have been full of, we did this, we did that, this was funny, oh and he was totally weird.

Is that my excuse? Ha dunno.

Well it is now March, and back on track for another year. I ended up having 5 months off in total. Unplanned of course, but yeah its what happened. And cant really recall exactly what I ended up doing…

Now I am back working at my old job, and in a month or so, working as production coordinator for a new Foxtel series. A move up in the world, and a payrise.

Though, I am a wanderer. In 18 months I plan to move to another country and see how it goes there. I work to live, not live to work.

Mardi Gras came and went. Was such a good night, plenty of gay ness for everyone. The after party was MUCH better than last year, I actually enjoyed it. Apart from the pissing down rain and me not wearing not much during that time. Oh and the toilets. Do I need to explain..

Lets say, this year could be a year worth living.

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