Another Friday, another Weekend

Slow Friday afternoon at work. And yes I am on here.

Off to Canberra, the Nation’s capital tonight. Havent been there in 4 years… not since a cousins wedding. Why is it that random destinations are only ever travelled to unless it is “a cousins/friends wedding” or something of the like.

This time it is to see fireworks, cause Neal… likes fireworks, so hey, I will trudge along. Ok not trudge but happily come along too.

I hear Robyn is playing at the V festival soon, and I would maybe even sacrifice the 130 dollars to go PLUS battle the crowds that I dislike, to see her. Should I… we shall see.

Production on “the phone” has been halted for now. Wont start till late June/July it seems. Which does suck, payrise wont happen until then, therefore I cannot move out or get a car!! All this and my Dad might be moving back in soon with my stepmum, not good news.

I could make this blog topical, like, what shall we wear this winter or… is Darwin REALLY that hot? Speaking of that, Neal might be posted to Darwin soon. I got the choice then to move up there with him or stay put. Another decision to be made. I might add photos up of Canberra next week.

Lloyd. And here is a random photo of Lucas Neil, Aussie soccer player. Neal is a fan, I do like the body.


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