Easter come and gone

So Easter… came early this year, so its buggered off the other side already. I only got one bunny this year off Lou… plus some home made ones from Neal.

Canberra was good by the way, the memorial was so worth the entire trip.

So where am I…. another slow week at work, just Denis and I. I man the house… No, not like that crap Jonathan Taylor Thomas movie… what the hell happened to that guy by the way…. google…. Ok so it seems he is alive… yet will always be just known as the voice of Simba and the middle child in Home Improvement.

So I am in a bit of a muddled headspace at the moment. I dont think I really have dealt with some past stuff. So am going to challenge myself to tackle it now. I shall try write out some of it as I progress. Yes, I even am going to talk to someone “professional”

I got a wedding tomorrow. It is the wedding of Lauren, one of my first childhood friends. It is going to be so bizarre, for so many reasons. She was like a little sister to me growing up, and yet now she is growned up and stuff. As well as the main reason of… like most of my old friends, we have grown apart ever since I came out. Three years on and its just as awkward now. So I will be watching from the outside tomorrow, in. Why do I go you ask? Cause, I always imagined the day I would go to Lauren and Jenna’s weddings (Jenna is her sister) and I could stand there proud. So much has changed, yet, not my care for those two.

And close the hallmark card.

Here is Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Why? I dont know. He never was that good looking. Though its cheap and no shirt.


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