Another year older and a new start

So I turned 24 2 days ago. And I had such an awesome birthday. Heather and Chem, two of my best mates hung out at Cronulla with me and then we did some art works down on the beach. Made out of paper we created the landscape around us. Was so relaxing and chilled.
Then a great dinner with my entire family except my mother of course. Was just so full of happiness and I am so coming to a point where I am so much more content with the present. I am happy.

I got a new job, 3 month contract that starts on the 19th of May. Assistant on a new football superstar show. Irony is that I am not a massive fan of Football (the round ball version). Ah well it is great pay and good experience. And they will love me 😉

Like I said in my last post, chaos and uncertainty creates so much adventure and there is always hope around the corner. Lets keep it up.


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