Finally adjusted… for now.

So I started a new job 2 weeks ago, working on a football program (the world game type, not aussie type) and I hated it to begin with. Long hours, uneventful watching of footage and logging the “interesting stuff”. I will admit I am not a fan of football (soccer) and got dragged to many many games through my life, cause of my brothers and parents love of soccer. So the irony was that I sat (at weird hours cause of edit suites being in use in the day… 2pm-11pm) watching soocer games and guys talking about soccer, when I was the one who hated it. Everyone see this irony yet..

Though now I am starting out on shoots as of Monday and even the footage viewing isnt so bad, something is wrong here!

In other news, nothing much is happening. I keep procrastinating on whether I should write more, since it really is something I want to work on, since it is my best method of communicating by far. I read a few blogs and am challenged to do the same on a more consistent basis yet forget about it within a day or so, so the consistency thing really goes out the window. And for being witty and enthralling everyday, doubt that would happen!

My birthday was almost a month ago now, my party, a great success. Most of the coolest people in my life were there, and we had a dance and a chat. Short and sweet and no throwing up involved, well not from me, and the others did, from alcohol, no other reason… And some top photos. I felt like a facebook slut, I am one yes, yet I felt like more of one, if it is possible. Though there were not enough gay cliche ones, singlets.. sweat.. happy gay faces… nipples.. buff bods. It lacked all the above, though maybe some sweat..

25 next year, bigger and better, or shall I shrug it off? Age is a weird thing, some people fear it, some people pretend not to.. and some people embrace it, until they get to their late 20’s and start to fear it, and the others who feared it pretend not to. Me…. I just want to take each year for what it is, and my greatest fear is just letting the years go by and not do anything with it. Not really about the year to come, because that is always the exciting thing. Ok fuck, this is sounding really christian sounding, or a local government council rep visiting the school speech. Miss Congeniality is on, and its on the projector so cant really not notice it, I shall attend to it, even though it IS Sandra Bullock and the steak she is eating no doubtedly is tasteless…

Full stop.


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