Bill… board.

Ok, so I must begin this post with a rediculous billboard that I see every evening on the platform on the way home from work. It frustrates the hell out of me. Why? Because I do not understand it, and have to face it everyday and it shouts at me, saying, yes I am quirky and this makes no sense to you. And its about JUICE! Juice!! What?? Is that meant to be a tongue? The grammar is shit and I do not even begin to understand what it is talking about. I do worry that maybe someone will see this and get it straight away. But no point in worrying about this. I snuck a photo of it, the guy next to me looked mused.

Alright, so an update, I have that out of my system.

The past week was quite standard, had work, its fitting in well to Lloyd. Also been to gym most mornings. The morning this has been decided on cause it makes me think better and more alert for the day I find. Plus it is quieter in the mornings.

I am feeling good most days, a bit excited to the road ahead. Any direction I can go, and its all to sort through the present from the past to make the future. That was deep. I cant be bothered expanding on this. It makes me go, maybe I shouldnt have blogged today. But Dexter is on pause and I felt like at least venting the hideous billboard.



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