Backwards or Forwards?

An event in time always makes us go back and forwards in different ways. Just like the small wave on the water, can rock a boat, move it a little, floating wherever.

I saw Neal last night. Always good seeing him, and knowing that energy that is there between us. Though I guess last night pushed me backwards, missing him, doubting if I made the wrong decisions, but also pushed me forward. Not wanting to seek out random hookups or guys in general. Knowing he is moving on, hurts like hell, but he needs to, he has his life and not fair him waiting around to get my life sorted. So its good to know things are changing.

But I know for me, nothing wont really fill that gap so there is no point trying. So will keep marching down the road, since either side of me has “No entry” signs.

Onto lighter things, I saw the blind man today that I knocked over, he didn’t see me. Oh, I didnt even think of how that was inappropriate or deliberate. It was not meant to be funny.

Grocery shopping tonight. I dislike it when my sister makes me go and then she makes me hurry, when I am sidetracked by “buy 5 for $6” signs. I dont think I would eat that much bran anyways. Though possibly the woman to my left might. She sniffs sometimes, probably not regular.

Ha ha some people who read my blog wonder if I am still learning English, or it is a second language because it can be quite stunted. I wasnt offended I believe.
This week looks quite simple but I am sure those are the weeks that turn out not so simple!
My first Halloween ever this Friday night with people from work. Some photos might even get put up!

Until then… Do not wear a black mask and red tie while holding alcoholic ginger beer. It gets you no-where.


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