Es Regnet….

So its raining, tomorrow its gonna be really hot, then rain again the following day. Its called October in Sydney, Australia. The place where we have no real spring weather, just hot cold hot cold until hot grasps hold and pushes cold away. The same happens in April with Autumn, though the opposite of course.

I was walking past the townhouse next door to my work and a small stuffed harp seal landed at my feet. I heard a giggle and looked up, a little girl was poking her head out the window above and grinning. She was holding what looked like a stuffed octopus (the toy kind not the.. preserved sea creature type) and with one big throw, well for a small girl, it landed down next to the harp seal. She was stoked.. Having the time of her life pretending to kill or possibly make her stuffed toys fly. It just made me smile, and reminded me of the time I would have done that.

Though my toys were a stuffed blue dog, blue elephant and blue teddy bear. They were somehow a family and I was God to them. I built them a house out of a box the new fridge came in when I was 7, and I took them everywhere and they all had their own voices. Now I feel better that this has now been recorded in the written word, cause who else gives a shit?? Ha ha.

In the same afternoon I walked down the alleyway near my work and my favourite colour was before me, in the image of a tree with brand new leaves. That colour of yellow mixed with green that suggested brand new life, soft and fresh. I took a photo and thought hey I am cool, going straight to the blog.

Today its raining, so this is deceiving if I said the photo was taken today, it was actually yesterday.

So spring is here, its raining, but hey new life maybe? Or is that cliche and way too positive.


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  1. It’s really strange to be halfway across the world and halfway through fall here. I miss spring.I like the randomness of your blog, it made me think about things I did in my childhood. 😛

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