Halloween, a holiday that has been imported to other countries, successfully and unsuccessfully. As a kid, I assumed it was an odd holiday in E.T. When they put a sheet over him and made him walk around. I grew up thinking it was pure evil and one day me and some friends were singing a kids song that had the word “ghoul” and “witch” in it. I was called over by my friends Dad and told off for encouraging the younger kids to sing such a sinful song. I was 9, and quite confused as to why.

So now tonight is my first Halloween. People from work are having a big party, semi celebrating the handover of work with a major film we have been working on. So its a big piss up really, and I am going to be social and you know, have fun and stuff. Will probably end up drinking a little too much, dancing a little too much but everyone liking me for it. Funny how thats the case.

Not much planned for the weekend yet, but I am so shit at remembering stuff like that I say maybe to everything and then when the actual events come around I dont go to anything since I have either a) forgotten or b) forgotten. Though Heather and I will go on some adventure on Sunday probably!

Neal, well we have had a few more chats, it seems it is going to be too hard to be friends. Seeing him become a zombie in front of me, because he is disconnecting emotionally (totally understandable) just plain sucks. To see someone who you shared your life with for quite a while, turn into a stranger who you cant even hug anymore. So I think the Jury is out as to whether we will see or talk at the moment full stop, though there is no point putting up rules, cause there is just the temptation to break them. I respect his decisions and he respects mine, and to help each other move on we will do what is needed. So if thats not talking then ok.

I plan to start scripting next week for a music video I am doing for a mate. It should be fun, and I got so much more use out of Denise my chicken to come!!



  1. Halloween seems like fun 😛 Actually a pretty crazy concept if you ask me… But it’s true, dutch people are doing more and more Halloween as well. Oh well.. maybe I’ll organize something next year..Nice entry though ^^

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