Skeletons in the walls

I got home on Friday night, after the big fun Halloween party, and my brother had gutted all the walls downstairs. This wasnt because he was bored, but because he is renovating our house, since he has purchased half of it and moving in with his wife. I am quite the guy to get sensitive about memories etc, since this house has been my home for almost my entire life, so to see it gutted as such is quite surreal. Anyways… back to the topic, he found a rat skeleton in the wall. This seemed quite fascinating to me, cause I love symbolism and this totally represents we had rat skeletons in walls in the family home all these years.

So back to the Halloween party. Was a lot of fun! I DIDNT drink too much and DIDNT dance though. I did stumble across an amusing mask that looked more odd than scary, and had a lot of laughs. Was sad though cause a lot of the crew I wouldnt see again since they were all moving back home to different parts of the world. I left at 12, went to the train station, some guy decided to piss behind the garden I was sitting next to on the platform. He was infuriated when a guard told him off and fined him. His excellent haircut, and good dye job ranting around the platform, stumbling a tad. I reported all this to my mate Nick who was listening on the other end of the phone in Florida. Happy Halloween!

On Sunday (Saturday was not much of a highlight, apart from driving with a friend at rediculous high speeds in an Audi A6 through the national park at 1am) Anyways.. Sunday, Heather and I went for a walk along the coast in the national park near me. Was great, and we had chicken salad rolls, then fresh pineapple. Heather leaves in less than three months, and so its valuable time to do adventures, like we did on the weekened. See a pictures below. Looks a tad non Australia, but.. it is.


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