Change and Friday

Well as we all know, Obama got in. I watched like the rest of the world. It will be one of those moments of, where were you when you found out Obama was declared president? It seems like exciting change and I was moved when I saw a civil rights representative saying he thought he would never see this day.

I was at my computer at work.

It is another Friday. Another week, and its one more week to Christmas. Isnt that worth mentioning..

Last night I went with Neal to see Priscilla. Yes, with Neal, and yes.. to see Priscilla. This is a musical based on the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Pretty much about Sydney Drag Queens travelling to Alice Springs (middle of Australia) and they sing a lot, and lots of trashy songs. Was quite entertaining and we scored the tickets for free (Thanks Andrew!!) And it was a good night all round. Though there was an incident involving cocktails and a guy giving us the wrong ones, and said they were the right ones. Wrong ones, are not right ones.

I had fish and chips today, but naturally the fish was grilled.. my stomach did approve though the effort at the gym this morning.. ok stop there I am sounding way too..

So yeah we had lunch on the grass near my work, cause it was one of the guys leaving things.. but we were sat in this big circle, and it felt all rather Christian like. And there was awkward conversation. I had finished my lunch quickly, as usual and sat there on the see-saw (noone else sat on the see-saw) and listened in. But it was that quiet sometimes that.. I didnt know how to leave, without feeling like I had to make the announcement I was leaving to get back to work. So, of course, refused to cave into social pressures, and just stood up, and left silently. When in doubt, walk away?

Dont take my advice, it might not be reccomended.

Going out tonight, and tomorrow night, and exploring markets on Sunday. Updates… maybe.

Enjoy weekends everyone.


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