I finally booked in for the creative writing course. I opted for the online class, so I can do it at evenings and when I can. Probably also means I still have the phobia of going to a new place, where I would sit in a class room full of strangers, when really I do that everyday.. walking around the streets (not in a homeless way).

So it starts Monday October 25th. I am going to put out here whatever I am made to write each week. That way I will be on top of it. Sounds good ahuh.

Heather flew back to UK a few days ago, but I am not THAT concerned cause I am gonna see her at Christmas when I fly over there. But yeah sucks we dont get to hang as much, but life is life! No whinging here.

Last night went to a dance called “Polly’s”. A mate of mine describes it well, he says its like a church dance in a run down hall, run by old gay uncles. It is nothing like you have ever seen before. You feel like you are in a daggy hallmark movie, but its so fun. Noone cares and you just have fun with friends. Dancing non stop for about 4 hours, with an amusing show half way through the night. It was amazing as usual though Chem threw a toilet brush at Ross and Ross wasnt that happy about that, as the toilet brush landed in his cubicle and onto his head. Chem was a tad tipsy obviously. I had a woman attempt to kiss me, she was dressed up as a french slut I think (it was french dress up theme). Though dodged the bullet, her hideous lipstick landing on my ear.

My faith is being sparked again, I feel a book I am reading called Velvet Elvis, that my friend Phil originally gave me last year and never read but then a friend lauren sent it to me last month, is really helping me. It talks about God in a way that people would understand, and not this judgemental representaton the church has of him. Like the simple fact that anyone can talk to him. Not just the ones who are “accepted”. And no I am not preaching. I am just excited I feel some relevance again with the whole spriritual side of things. I am loving it. Missed it.


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  1. Hey I want to say that I read this comment ages ago and decided to buy the book. It finally arrived from the US and I started to read it. WOW is all I can say. It offers such a fresh perspective on God that I have not had in a while. Thanks for recommending this.Idk if ull even read this as im posting it on such an old entry. May send u a message once ive finished reading the book. Cheers!Richard

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