The life spin..

So its now October, 2009. The 14th.

My dog died, Sister got engaged and I bought a new remote control. The old one I kept banging on the ledge of the glass table too much to get it to work and i cracked the table and accepted I would go purchase a new one, with more padding.

Todd, the dalmation who I was given when I was 15 (10 years ago) had a fit and died. He had fits everyday (not the deadly kind) and not the literal kind, so it was suited he went out this way. Dont get me wrong, it was sad and the poor fella died of heat stroke too, but I am glad he went out in style. He escaped with our other dog Riley the golden retriever on a Friday night about a month ago, and ran around the neighbourhood for 2 days… non stop. Finally he was found but the silly dogs couldnt find any water.. hence the heat stroke. RIP Todd. Is it bad that I sort of feel free though a bit. I have moved out of home and was paying 10 bucks a week to my brother and sister in law for them to feed him back at the family home… and now dont have to find a new home for him (he had…social … issues).

Sis got engaged a few weeks ago. It was a bit of a shock, but she is happy and ready for it. So I just gotta get a wedding mix of CDs or some crap ready. Love shack and…. Grease yeah?

Work is non stop, but I love it. I am constantly challenged and thrown in the deep end. I could talk about the models and the photo shoots, but I wont. Its not why I have this space. But lying on wet grass on a random soccer oval, holding an aussieBum surfboard, being shouted at to “curve” the unbendable surfboard so it fits in the shot better, and having the model pretty much standing right on top of me in his undies, is just bizarre. I mutter, I am so glad I dont work a city office block job in a suit and tie… The best part of that day was when I got to film with the video camera, behind the scenes footage. Its what I love to do, but its stupid how I shy away from it, simply cause its my passion. Unlike passionfruit.

2 months until I go to UK for Christmas! Magners Cider here I come. And the tube.

Tigh came for his second visit to Australia. It was a great month, was rocky at times but overall I think was another good experience. Though sadly he has to go to his country and I stay here. Emotonally I shut down simply cause I dont beleive in long distance. Along with I think we both got a lot of growng to do. So the whole thing was left up in the air and no idea what to do… it sucks.

IKEA lamps were on sale too. But I didnt get any cause hey, I dont want to look gay do I…


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