Fleeting forward

I moved out of home a month ago.

I never thought it would be that easy. I used to have nightmares about the day I would have to say goodbye to that home down in south Sydney, but no, it was a simple goodbye and then drove out the driveway and off into the inner city.

I think it was because I had already lived out of home and coming back home I had always felt wrong being there, like I had gone backwards.

So I now live in the inner west of Sydney, 7 minutes from work and anything else really.

Have you ever gotten a belt loop on your jeans stuck on the door latch at work as you walk out of the bathroom in front of everyone? Nah neither.

Work is amazing. It has given me a whole new push in life. I am vitalized, happy and feel so confident. I dont dread work and love everyday of it. Its challenging and I have so many random things to do. Help organise photo shoots, castings, marketing, promo and pr, production etc etc. A world of opportunity. I am so thankful to have been given this position and I am moving faster than ever before.

Though a canvas I tried to hang in my room today is buckled. That sucked.

Tigh is here again in 2 weeks. It will be pretty awesome! We had a fun time 4 months ago, and we are off to Cairns and other places. I have never been that far north before, I cant wait to just feel some heat and get away from drizzly Sydney for a few days. And also to just go exploring in a place I havent been before so I cant act like I know everything about it. I get the crap paid out of me for that one!

I am so busy with twitter for aussieBum and facebook that I dont get much chance to use this much. alas, it happens hey.


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