things just happen… slowly and fast

Got back from a photoshoot a few days ago.. which was the first big one for me. It was an intense (mainly because of the 2200KM drive to QLD and back) and interesting time. Got to know work mates even better and we managed to get some great images we were all proud of. One of those moments where all the hard work and energy pays off. But I got a sore throat on Day 2 and it got worse and worse and lost my voice, which was amusing to all, well for me for about half a day.. so it looked like everything I had to say was a secret. That joke got old Matt. I was left with the cleaners from one of our hotels and had to try explain we had left a pillow behind, with no voice. they made smart jokes about I am sure my girlfriend is happy I have no voice and to take my rubbish I left. Since when do cleaners NOT clean up rubbish??? Id say fire them.

Hit a wall Saturday evening after managing to find some accommodation finally! It was a Bates Motel and Kevin found a hooker shoe under his bed. I kind of just collapsed on my bed and had a bit of a cry. Wow typing that sounds so pathetic, but just was exhausted and didnt realise how sore my whole body was with sickness and how tired I was. Emotions huh.

The plan was to head to UK on 22ND for Christmas, but sadly Heather has to head back to Sydney cause a close family friend has suddenly died. So I would be in UK by myself.. so looking like I am pushing it back to post Christmas. Also so I can get healthier before I fly. Now I may or may not know what the Obamas feel like sometimes. But I guess it means I can have christmas with the family now. Will be the first time all us kids are there for christmas since 2002. That is kind of cool.

I finished my writing course, it was a load of crap really. First few weeks were cool then it turned into a bad grade 10 english comprehension class that was open book. It taught nothing and I was really disappointed. So dont ever do a Sydney Writers Centre online course. Just in case anyone was thinking of it! But I did learn a bit and will attempt, no I… will (correct attitude noted) write some more stuff.

Now I am stuck watching Oprah again so need to change the channel.

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