Cheese and Vegemite sandwich

I didnt feel Australian enough on this Australia day today, so I grabbed a Cheese and Vegemite sandwich, and also a cold glass of Milo (with naturally more Milo than milk).

Good thing that Australian things such as this, are available when the cupboard is pretty much empty. Basic, and simple.
So on my Australia day I woke up at 11:30am and had no idea what day it was and the cockroach on the ceiling probably did. That was the struggle. But it was a public holiday and I had a day before having to go back to work again and approach the 185 emails my iPhone says I have for work. Arent they meant to be handy and helpful devices, this time it wasnt.
My sister in law is currently in labour and we should find out soon if a baby boy or girl is now alive and well and part of the family. It is still pretty surreal, going to buy a baby card and knowing (well if my sister in law does what my mum did) that she will place the cards in a scrapbook for her baby to read one day. Why is this surreal you ask, let me explain why this is surreal. Because as a human accepting life moves on and we grow up, a point of reference of a new place and time such as the next generation being born, allows us to see we are on the next chapter. So my baby card scrapbook seems old. Elephant or Sandcastle card?
Walked up the street last night to the 7 eleven to buy ice creams for my mates as we had a dinner at our house (Drew cooked awesome lamb). Ross came with me. Was a humid night and just simply walking down the concrete path, running shoes hung over the power lines, cicadas singing and a gentle breeze, there was no mistaking we were in Australia. And I do like this place. There, thats my Australia day reflection. That and the milo comment.
I also have a new mac. Me me me. Thats what blogs are for yeah?
There is a planned trip to one of my favourite spots in Sydney, cant wait. Photo from last year..



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