Flushed out

So last night I was sitting outside a pub in the city, in a fairly quiet residential area. My mate went to the bathroom and I sat and stared out at the city, it felt oddly still. Thats my hindsight claim that I knew something weird was about to happen.

Mate came back and then it began to pour down rain, heavy heavy rain. Within a few minutes, the drain pipes were flooded and spraying onto us, and the gutters were full of water. Then the drains didnt allow anymore w

ater to go down and so began to pour over the pavement and across the road. As there were streets above us up the hill, it all funnelled down this one road and the road became a river. Before long, all the manholes in the road were hovering over gushing water coming from the sewers, including the sewerage pipes… and the river was all kinds of colours. Then waves started occuring and little rivers were going off to the sides into people’s houses. A cab drove through and got stuck in a hole that used to have a manhole cover
and the side of the taxi panel got ripped off and then floated down the road, as the cab drove off. Then two firetrucks turned up and all the fireman tried to get dressed inside their trucks, which was plain awkward and slow then they got out and went inside a building… no idea why.
Anyways, rain ceased a bit but water kept coming and I felt instantly like a kid and wanted to be out in it. My mate didnt want to get wet but I did, so I said goodbye and went out in it, and ran up the street, feeling the rain on me. Nah this isnt turning into a song, all good.
Ran into another mate up the road and his brothers. They tried to convince me to go to their place with some food and drinks but one looked sketchy so I declined and disappeared in the street, got cash out and had some mexican by myself. Somehow it is acceptable to sit in a take away food store by yourself but to sit in a restaurant by yourself, isnt cool. I dont think I ever have.
Then went to the bar where my best mate works, and sat there and caught up with him, while his drag queen friend had a chat too and told me bad date stories…
Just watching a video clip on TV by The Drums – Wanna Go Surfing, and I have concluded that 2010 clothing style is plain shit and designed for stick people and even on stick people it looks unflattering and like everyone is dressed to look 9.

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