So my sister gets married on Saturday. Time has flown a tad… and got another email from her today to let me know its 2 sleeps. Quite cute really… it must be a surreal feeling to know that “day” is coming up. So much is keeping me busy I hadnt even thought about it and feel slightly like George Clooney in “In the Air”. Wait, was that what it was called?

I had lunch with my Dad the other day and he asked me what part of the wedding I am looking forward to most. Um… hadnt thought about it. Before I could even ask him the same thing he told me his favourite part of the day would be to see my sister and her new husband happy. Which I thought was really sweet. I mentioned to him that I would feel like the odd one out now, as all three of my siblings would then be married, and I am the single, unmarried one. He shrugged and said I was independent and happy and free and thats all that mattered to him, and the rest of his children.
Fair Day was on Sunday. This is part of the Mardi Gras festival and its held in a park and there are stalls for any kind of gay or lesbian related activity you could think of. ie. any straight activity now with a gay version. Sports teams, gardening clubs, even animal acupuncture for gay dogs. Me and my mate Chem were tempted to join the hockey team cause we both loved it at school but then the name turned us off “the bent sticks”. Why cant a gay team just have a name that isnt cliche? Fair Day is also one of those days where you want to go just because, and even though its the same as last year. You run into people you really dont want to run into and also realise, hang on, gay culture is kind of crap. Do I even have to identify with all this? There is so much variety and niche groups yet its one big blanket of… not really feeling the belong factor.
Helping my mum go shopping for a wedding outfit for my sister’s wedding tonight. I asked her what we are looking for. “A nice pant suit”. “
So… like… Ellen?”
“Yes, like Ellen”
“Is this so you look like the cool lesbian mum at the wedding”
“Yes, I want to look like the cool lesbian mum at the wedding”.
“Hmmm so not a dress?”
“I dont wear dresses.”
So lets see what the outcome is..
Every morning at 7am, this loud horn sound is heard in my street. It is irregular and sounds like the car in Little Miss Sunshine, literally. STILL havent worked out where it is coming from and every morning it happens. And surprised it has gone on for this long without the woman across the road with the straw broom that she shakes at people who piss her off, complaining to the police. She did that once when we had a bonfire in our yard and all the smoke was going inside her house. Respiratory problem? Apologies.

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