Saturday was one of those days where, didnt care whatsoever if people saw me cry. And it occurred about four times in one day.

I turned up at the bed and breakfast where my sister was staying with her bridesmaids, to pick up the rose petals for the aisle. Walked in and my sister was getting her makeup on. She looked great, and it was one of those moments where you have seen many females in facebook photos etc getting their makeup on before their wedding… but when you see your own sister, its just odd. Special in a way, looking over at you grinning, smiling like she would have when she was eight on christmas day. I hung around and my mum and dad were both there, in the same house and it didnt seem too odd.
I carried some luggage out to the car for my sis’ best friend and before I knew it I had rolled my ankle and bounced back and was walking again and then realised… that wasnt cool. Looked down and had a massive egg on my ankle. I hopped inside and collapsed on lounge and just grimaced in the pain. Then both my mum and dad came into the room and both went into action. Ibuprofen, ice pack.. shoe off… just both of them talking and looking after me. I hadnt felt this kind of care from them like this in years, and they were doing it together. They had rarely spoken in the five years since they ended. So for one unique and special moment I had them both like they were when I was a kid. That was first moment of tears.
My sister came out of her room just as she was about to put her dress on, to see how I was etc. I told her to go get ready as she had to leave in about 5 mins. I hopped outside and jumped in the car to get the rose petals to the beach. I was wearing quite an expensive suit that was loaned to me, with one shoe off and got out at the beach and hopped over to the small crowd that was gathering on the grass where the ceremony was to happen. Perfect clear day, almost 10am and slightly warm. I had a few odd looks, well maybe more than a few. My bro Andy walked up and said “Of course, only Lloyd would do something like this at this time”. There were only a few chairs for the parents and grandparents. I now hijacked two, one for me and then one for my foot. And we waited for Lou to get there. She did, and turned around and saw Dad leading her down the grass to the front. Bloody hell, those movies that make it so moving… totally get it. To see your little sister walking down the aisle to get married.. life flashes before your eyes and every step closer, feels like yep, we are finally and officially grown ups. She is the youngest and final sibling to get married as such (as when would I ever get “married”). Anyways I am not hijacking this story about a lame stab for gay rights as.. we have it pretty damn good in this country. I looked at my brother and he was crying, and geesh if I see any of my family members cry, I am there instantly crying too. So, number two set of tears.
After the ceremony, managed to get out of there fairly fast, after avoiding comments from my nan about how I should go to hospital because it looks horrible and most definitely broken and I could die. Found a car wash and managed to convince them to clean the Range Rover I was driving, in under 30 mins. This began to fail instantly as they began vacuuming the car after highlighting to them, three times, I didnt want the INSIDE clean. 45 minutes later it was clean and drove away with it still wet, as I was running late for the reception.
Arrived on time and after eating lots of cocktail food until I felt sick (My sis in law and I followed the trays, we should have been making seagull sounds), Lou and Dean arrived and the whole reception was really nice and relaxed. The speeches finally came… and geesh. Dad’s, Dean’s Dad’s, Lou’s and Dean’s speeches all just caused waterworks. So genuine, and I dont think I had witnessed that much love in the words for a long time. Soppy yeah but hey, do I go intensely soppy in these post much? So that was the final moment and probably the longest I got teary for then went over to Andy who was also a mess. Was amusing at the same time as it was refreshing to be emotionally honest with family.
So in summary, a good day. Dropped my sister and Dean off at their hotel and said farewell. Felt privileged to be the final person to say bye before their honeymoon.
I was given a coke bottle from Brazil.. so my coke collection continues..
Interviewed by Channel 9 today. Cameras in your face are a tad disconcerting and the easiest questions become hard as nothing seems to sound right or correct.
See below. Myself and my three siblings, the one wearing the dress got married.


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