Amelie Soundtrack..

I find if you listen to the Amelie soundtrack and then just put a slideshow of random photos from your past, you can feel like a movie. Is that arrogant… probably not as I suggest anyone do this to make your own special movie moment. Crap some dance song came on and ruined the moment.

MG Party tonight. I have been convinced to dress up as a cop. We have props etc at work and we happen to have a cop outfit that we hired for a shoot. But as usual, I am paranoid I may get in trouble by the actual cops that I am pretending to be a cop. Though really, what can they expect.. it wont be a replica. Hmm who am I kidding, this argument is to myself. It is a tad cliche though.. you know, Village People image. But dont worry, this is more Australian cop so hey, difference no? My good friend Mariana has been having it tough so we are both going along just to have fun and dress up and watch the amusing scenarios occur around us.
Oh Beautiful Day by U2 just came on. Reminds me of being in grade 10 in 2000 and a friend at the time Rachel, blaring it from her lungs in Geography class for about 3 months. Smell of teenage damp sweat in a class room, awkwardness and smell of paper and pencils (even though we used pens) and a dull discussion about demographics in Georgia. The country, not the US state.
Creative frustration is ever continuous. So much energy inside yet no idea how to splat it out there. Splat.. or place, either one. Cant even find a pirated version of Photoshop so I can play with some photos I took. Damn pirates.
My friend Luke hates any musician that has big feels and a little voice. ie. Regina Spektor, Lisa Mitchell to mention a few. I discover I am the opposite sometimes. The quirky music that would be on an arty/try hard advertisement I end up liking, unless it ends on an advertisement.
Happy Mardi Gras 2010 everyone. No idea what we are celebrating or making stand for, but its an excuse to party. May tonight be.. well.. fun.

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