Google “Lloyd Jones banana” and you will discover I have now been quoted in random online news articles all around the world this weekend. Little did I know that a phone call at work from a small known company called “Reuters” would quote me when they called and include it in a release. Also the fact that its all about a new underwear range that we released called “Banana” cause it is made from the banana plant. The concept of being quoted and your words placed in news articles has really thrown me. It freaked me out and made me panic, whether what I said was right or.. the simple fact my name is out there and mentioned in a public way. Though then having a blog, doesnt freak me out? Hmm odd.

Last night… MG party. In once sentence, the lead up to the party and the bars Mariana and I went to beforehand, was more fun than the party itself. I dressed looking slightly police looking with a fake bullet proof vest and shorts, and Mariana in a corset and black short skirt. Suitable. Had drinks at a bar and laughed a lot and shared a lot, which I think was the highlight of the night. We then made our way to another bar which is totally non pretentious and danced for an hour or so. We made friends with a Columbian guy, and Mariana is Brazilian and since thats pretty much the same thing, (right?) they got along well. But lost him 4 mins later. Finally got to the party and as usual, was packed, struggled to find friends and just got draining… Saw George Michael perform for about twenty seconds and then he left. Dropped my wallet and lost it, but amazingly got texted a little while later that someone had found it and handed it into security.. so after chasing security guards around for 30 mins and Mariana ripping her dress we found my wallet and it had all the money still in it. That doesnt happen these days, was very chuffed.
About 2am we went home, it just was that time. Had a ball but just not as planned.
Had lunch with my brother and sister in law today and niece. It really is the small things in life that are the best. Watching my niece trying to feed herself yoghurt with three spoons at once and having it all over her face, just made me smile so much. Human development and where we started… just fascinate me. That to her, she was totally cool… yoghurt is MEANT to be all over your face when consuming it, and it can be removed by spoons or your fingers, or possibly the TV remote control.


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