Embarrassing Situations..

So I had someone call be just before saying “Ah so we have never discussed the time you walked into the bathroom when I was going to the toilet”.

“No we havent discussed this, do you wish to?”

“Yeah, was wondering if things had become awkward since then”

“Nah.. had forgotten about it until now”

“Well, was telling people here of awkward situations and I said I had one, and then realised I hadnt spoken to you about it”

“Ah ok, well now we have. Not awkward. I also now know that some people DO read magazines on the toilet”

“Yep, whole articles”

Lady GaGa was pretty cool, seeing her again live. Newcastle is another story. Never walk through the backstreets of Newcastle (Newcastle in Australia, well probably even Newcastle UK as well) as it is just dodgey. Its like you have stepped into a time machine and you are back in 1990. Weatherboard houses, distant smell of bbq from a few hours ago, old Holdens, overgrown grass and rundown wooden fences. I hid my iPod in case it caused a rift in time.

This weekend, is Polly’s again. The style of event where its like, as my friend says, a church dance ran by gay uncles. A whole group of friends are coming this time and my mum is going with her friends too. Always a good night.

I saw Imogen Heap last night, I was a bit of a concert man this weekend. She was simply amazing. Her personality came through in her music and I dont think I have seen anyone more funny than her, I want to be her friend. She records things from bells to the birds in her park and burning wood and then mixes it into the song. She even used the crowd for a few songs. And the song “Hide and Seek” she is so famous for, was simply tops. To see and hear that song live, when for me it has such a personal story to it and back in the day, made my weekend.


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