Think you are gonna die

I spent two nights ago, thinking, surely I am gonna die.

Nope, I didnt, and it was just a 24 hour stomach bug, but hey, I still thought, what people should I call to say goodbye to? Delirious state I say. But it is the worst.. and you even admit you want your mum and somehow that would be ok.
Clocks turned back, so its now dark at work for an hour, and that is dull. Makes you feel you work back late every night and you have a sad life. Or really the clocks just went back and everyone else in the building works back late too and you arent really that special.
Waiting to hear back from a few properties, Luke, Karina and myself have applied for. We are all going to move in together. It is between two terrace houses, both pretty cool in their own way. Have been offered one but we like the other better and yet to hear, find out tomorrow! Looking forward to making more of a home. Love my place now but I spend most of the time by myself and in my room. Anyone else relate? Yeah I know, totally.
Aladdin has to be one of the best all time Disney films, it had culture, class, good songs and a genie. What else do you need. And then you were a smart ass kid that would say, genie I wish for never-ending wishes. That was totally not breaking the rules either. Dumb genie.
Today at work, I answered a lot of emails. One involved a guy asking us to totally fund his new idea as well as mentor him in how to achieve success. He also mentioned he almost died on the weekend. Im not going to comment.
We dared a friend of ours from work, to come to one of Sydney’s most expensive and classy restaurants with us, in her pyjamas. There is too much swank in a city where we do not need to be swanky. The best thing is, management didnt care and she walked in and greeted us at the table in her qantas pyjamas. She was slightly embarrassed though cause she forgot to wear a bra. But life is short, why not?

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