Friends and New Places

So on Friday we were offered BOTH properties we had applied for. And surrounding me I know people struggling to find a place. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. We accepted the second one we looked at. It is in a better location and has more vintage shops and weirdos to look at and hopefully have socially odd interactions with at inconvenient times. We also have a small and broken down park nearby where deep and meaningful conversation can occur when we get back drunk from a night out. We, being Chem, Karina and myself. We have joked around for ages that we would live together one day, and now we are. So the stories begin. Our lives combine make for interesting social commentary, well for us anyways. So lookout. I may have to get permission though hey.. It wont be “Dawson’s Creek” but “Lloyd’s Billabong”. Not “Friends” but “Mates”.

So the move will involve obtaining house hold items we do not own. IE. all 21st century appliances other than a TV. But hey post out a cry out on facebook and you shall receive yeah? Who has a fridge, microwave, washing machine, air conditioner, micromachine-max race track?

Birthday is less than a month to go… 26. Simply going to go down the coast with my siblings and visit Mum and go to my cousin’s 21st. It will be an amusing weekend for sure. It will involve a visit to the inlet and also a bubblo-bill.

OK time for me to get off this and go do something with my life. Til tomorrow.


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