Is that a word?

I bought “The Diary of Anne Frank” on DVD, the BBC version yesterday. Depressing, yes. Interesting, yes. For some reason that era simply fascinates me. Because it isnt too long ago and it was people in unimaginable situations where, based on who they were as a human, their life was threatened. Then I went, hm hang on, that happens in many countries in the world today, the news just doesn’t talk about it. OK too deep for the first paragraph.
I was walking through Woolworths the other day (its a grocery store) and I noticed they were playing Susan Boyle over the music system. Though it started getting odd when they were playing the entire album, as I was there for about twenty minutes. I strolled back to the car and could still hear it. This is when I discovered, its my iPhone playing on loudspeaker. Serves me right for having Susan Boyle on my iPhone. Can I say the word iPhone again?
Yesterday I moved in. And geesh, its pretty cool. To have some of your best friends in the same house but also with enough breathing space to have time to yourself. Lets see how it goes, but it will change things instantly for me. Two amusing things so far. I broke the showerhead off the shower last night, so water rushed out of the hose and all over the place, for some reason this made me have a fit of laughs for ages. It was fantastic, I think because it was just simply rediculous and it was my first shower in a new place and there is so much pressure for it to be a good shower, otherwise you have to deal with a crap shower for an entire year at least. Oh the complaints and vents of privileged society… THEN went downstairs and my flatmate Chem was getting milk out of the fridge and went to pour the milk, and no, no milk came out, it was frozen. Gotta love a donated fridge!

New photos will be along soon.


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