That time of year..

So I woke to red lights. I had forgotten to turn off my red funky string of lights that makes my room feel like some sort of redlight district inside. You know, good and reputable. 5am on the clock. And it was now officially my birthday once again. If it was 10 years earlier, I would be waiting for the creaking of the floorboards up the stairs as my family tried to be quiet and sneak up to my bedroom door with bacon and eggs with candles stuck into the egg, singing an off key “happy birthday”. Clatter of cutlery as they somehow think they will surprise me. Even though I am a kid and expect this, since it occurs to all of us kids in the family for our birthday and birthdays are like christmas, up at 5am.
This time I am an adult, yep, adult. And the silence of the room is there. Plumber is getting here in five minutes so I throw clothes on (cant have a shower cause our shower is still broken… hence the plumber) and stand in the lounge room and stare through the blinds.. its getting cold outside.
Last night Chem and I went to dinner to Korean BBQ and was very amusing, especially when the waiter presented us with two cokes, but his accent made it sound like something else. Guess. And naturally we were immature about it.
Then went up to the Bank Hotel for drinks. I saw a guy sitting there alone, looking at his phone constantly. Instantly I knew… yep, internet date. I mentioned it to Chem and he agreed though didnt think it was. 5 mins later a guy walked in and we both went, yep here is the date. He walked over and we watched the awkwardness begin. People watching is fascinating, though with Chem it is slightly obvious, but thats amusing in itself.
We headed back a bit tipsy, stoked we now could simply walk home from the bar and to the same house. It will be one of those chapters in my life where I will look back on fondly.

Head down the coast tomorrow, to visit Mum for Mother’s day and see her new puppy, a golden retriever called Ben. Shall be an interesting day no doubt! And then to go to my cousin’s 21st, which will be also interesting as its a small coastal town pub and the characters there make up for many in Sydney.

Happy Birthday… Me. 26.



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