Classic Clarks..

I bought a pair of Clark leather shoes in LA and they are nifty. Pretty daring for me cause you know, you wanna have that edginess with fashion and stuff but then you wanna feel slightly safe. Cause if you just look like a knob wearing glasses that look like you stole them from Dorris at the Nursing home (no idea why you would be at the nursing home stealing glasses) then you just miss the point. So the shoes are nice and comfy but whether I have morals against the fact they were from a thrifty shop and therefore worn already by someone else, that isnt me, and so is that health regulated wrongness? Hm nah… I am sure they washed it out with the tap.

So LA… Spread out, slightly glitzy, slightly ugly and dirty, food was gross and the people were in your face. But I found it fascinating and would go again simply to people watch. Is that a religion… to people watch? I guess you arent worshiping the people but the act of watching. So necessarly not.

Some of the highlights were being in between two cabbies who were fighting and shouting abuse at each other for about 5 minutes and still undecided if they were kidding or not. One was accused of being a monkey, twice. Another highlight was seeing our photoshoot come together and work and look amazing. Once it was in the can, I could relax.

Went to Universal studios and discovered I really hate scary themed attractions. I clung onto Kiah and Tim’s back through a haunted house, but mainly cause I have a phobia of live actors jumping out at you. Maybe it linked to brothers doing a similar thing while growing up. Though was a fun day and was their busiest day of the year though we were wanky and had VIP badges and cut through all queues. Cant imagine it would be a fun day if you had to queue.

You know when people ask you how a trip was and what did you do… and you are blank. I think cause those memories and moments were just for you and no point relaying them. You will remember then when you want to and need to. Not just to fill in a conversation.

A lot of closure currently still.. with Tigh saying bye the other day, which is sad but I guess needs to happen. And a few other chapters opening up, one starting and one a bit of a preview, not talking about any specifics but just new friends and opportunities. Like for anyone. So go keep living life people.

and this writing is great.


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