Married by 30?

I was driving this morning and remember I I told myself at 21 that if I had to be married by 30, otherwise I would not be living life and running from it instead. What on earth was going through that 21 year old brain. OK so I still have 4 years. Do I still want to get married and would that even be possible by the time I am 30? Will marriage be legal and does it even have to be if its about making a public commitment to a partner? Oh the questions. Friday mornings I shall declare non thinking mornings I reckon.

Though in regards to concepts of partners, I think I wonder if I am slightly mental. The concept is nice but when it gets more likely and there is potential I freak out a little. Why… I think it is because walls have to go down and trust has to build up. An even balance.. Keep working on it I guess.

Spent the day in the park with my siblings, and my niece and nephew. Neice is old enough to walk around and interact with other 2 year olds and its just so interesting to observe social interactions of that age. Its instant like or dislike. It seems to go like this:

Hey come and sit in this playhouse with me and we can pull faces at the two kids through the hole or hey I dont like you and I will shrivel up my face to prove this. Then go have a chocolate shake and then off to watch the wiggles in the living room.

Is it wrong that me and Chem sat and watched people ice skating around a rink the other day just so we could watch people fall over? Nah.


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