Rat in Trap.

I walked to my car last night in the cold. I reached my car and in the streetlight I saw that my car had a large rat on top of it, dead, inside a rat trap. I looked at it, picked up the trap and threw it onto the grass of the footpath. I then got in my car and drove away. It wasnt until later that I thought about how odd that was, that there was a rat trap with a dead rat in it.. on my car at 6pm on a Thursday night, in a residential street. I could look to it and go, hmm random prank by school kid, deliberate prank against me by a mastermind or somehow the rat dragged the trap to the car, up onto the car, laid his head down and decided that was the right time and moment to take his own life. Then I totally forgot about it then told everyone at work around the food court at lunch today and their reactions of disgust and amazement made me realise just how odd it was. The mystery.. shall never be solved.


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