So I was informed by some words today that this will be my 100th post. I started this over 5 years ago and to be honest, didnt think I would keep going with it after a few months. Sure I am crap and dont post for a few weeks sometimes and then there is a tumbleweed but then, hey, another post. Cut some slack is a great saying.

Those days or weeks where you feel like you are a bit of a zombie. Where you function at work but then you get home and its like time clicks fast forward and there is a time lapse of you sitting at a desk or lounge not really moving and then it stops and slows down again to getting into bed, then light goes off.

Kinda time to snap out of that one, I had my reserve of energy charged up again now.

My friend Mariana and her boyfriend Sam were walking through some markets the other day. There was an upset woman walking around and handing out flyers saying “lost cat”. And no it did not have a red hat. So they took a flyer and didnt think anything of it. Then they were in another part of the suburb later that day and a man was handing out flyers saying “found cat”. They put the posters together and it was the same cat. They told the lady and she rang happy to say she had the cat back. Moral of the story, dont take flyers. They just end up in the bin a few metres up from where people hand them out no?

I sent Tigh an email pretty much expressing what I was realising… Now to wait to see if he even replies.

I had an email this morning from a fella who stumbled across my blog and found it really relevant. It meant a lot as I sometimes have no clue who or if many people read this. I know a few friends to, and that means a lot in itself.

Another weekend coming, with my niece’s birthday on Sunday. 2 years old. And I still remember sipping Turkish apple tea in the blue mountains with Neal when I first heard she was born. Life does sort of rock hey.

Even ugliness has beauty. Like below.


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