So my niece’s bday party was quaint and cool. Simply cause it was the first proper birthday party of the next generation for our family. And its so cool to see how birthdays used to be for you as a kid. The list of presents and how they all were so relevant and cool. And the funny thing is, most of them would have existed in my generation, technology isnt TOO up and coming for them.

I found it fascinating to observe which ones she liked and then which ones she loved. It really began to show her own little personality coming out. She loved her new tea set she got. She instantly opened it, poured herself and her new doll fake tea and began sipping and talking to her doll. She is two and its already been informed to her that social activities are a highlight, along with tea drinking. My nephew was just stoked to be holding some green nobble thing, so he may be younger but likes green.

I spent an entire time packing parcels to different parts of the world today (helping out at work on Mondays with the orders as it is quite busy) with some work mates quoting Monty Python. It is impressive it is a topic that can last that long, not many other shows or movies could top the quotable of quotable movies. No? “We are the knights who say ‘nee’. Reminds me of memories of staying up very late with school friends and thinking we were the best, cause we just discovered Monty Python. Poor school teachers who have to put up with the phase of grade 9 boys constantly quoting… Bless em.

Warm concrete or brick walls, from the morning sun, are bliss. Or from the afternoon sun and its just gotten dark and you walk past and can feel it radiate.

Had a model come in for a casting today. After we took a few snaps and said cool, thats all we need, he then asked if we could take some more and then began to pose. The odd thing was, he was being serious. So Sean then felt he had to take some more photos and act like it was totally normal for this to occur. Who has that in their head to ask for more photos? Maybe to make the moment last? Dunno… Tempted to put up a few of the photos, but probably a breach of privacy or something.

Tigh is in my head a lot…

A lady walked into our office yesterday for a meeting. She casually walked across to the other side of the office to look at the plasma TV and asked me what the specs were. I dont really have these on the back of my hand or on file in my lizard handbook, so had to say I didnt know. She was TV shopping and wanted advice. I smiled and kept making a coffee.

Remember… be cool. And hangout with Steve.



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