Guitar in traffic

I was rushing off to pickup some dry cleaning for my boss when I was sitting in lights, impatient as usual… when I focussed on a truck that was sitting in traffic coming from the other way. I looked at him and thought, ha he looks like he has an electric guitar strapped to him and he is singing his lungs out. Then thought, oh well, he probably isnt but can just say I saw that today as it would be a great “cool” facebook positing. You know, one that people will comment on and I will rock. Actually, it concerns me I think like that sometimes even though I say that in a mocking way. OK so back to him.. I looked closer (not like we can zoom) and he actually was playing a guitar in his truck, waiting for the lights to go green. Singing out in his cabin. Then the lights went green and away we went.

Its funny how in a day I can go from going through normal everyday emails and tasks to suddenly hearing we have a photoshoot from next week, less than a week away probably and we have to find three models and we will be driving across part of Australia. It doesnt phase me, it excites me.


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