Farewell the aussie in the Bum

So today I resigned from work.

It was time, and it feels great. Enough was enough and my gut told me, to get out and jump into another adventure. What job do I go to next do you ask? I say, I got no idea. And am I silly for that? Depends on your attitude I guess. Is happiness based on what you do or what you feel? Or both? I have accepted it isnt about finding THAT career or what YOU do. Just making sure I enjoy it. So many people are given horrible circumstances and have so much more right to vent and say, life sucks. I am not one of those people and so thankful I am given the opportunities I am. Speak to the people I speak to and just watch what goes on around me.

I just had to chase a massive spider up the stairs, as my flatmate was hysterically screaming, demanding I kill it. I dont kill things. I do not feel that cause I am bigger etc, I should just take another life away. So I was upstairs pretending to stamp on the spider and spray it and destroy the existence of it. Then I placed a bit of twig (NO idea what a twig was doing in my other flatmate’s room) and put it in a bottle. Then walk downstairs with flatmate screaming and I put it in the back yard. She then said that it has to be taken even further away. She said she was goin to drive to her parents, 40 mins away, to sleep, if it wasnt gone totally. So I found myself casually strolling up the street with a twig in a bottle. I released the twig, said goodbye and came back down. She let me in once she saw no evidence of the “spider”. So Mr Spider upstairs, thank me. AND do not enter Karina’s room.

The next step? I move to Melbourne. The gut says go, so I shall.

Heard this the other day, I feel this posting is very poppy and cheesy and inspirational, but hey, we all get em šŸ˜‰ This song just sums up how I feel right now. Hear hear.


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