Number 3 City.

I have realised that, this will be the second time I have gone on a city change, the first time was when my blog began, almost 6 years ago. That is like 1/7th of an elephant’s life. And it is also 1/6th of a 6 year old’s life as well.

Though when I began, it was all very travel journal like and the word gay didnt really come into it. Or the word triceratops but that only comes into play when you are speaking about dinosaurs, on late night TV.

So back to the blog.. my move is beginning to take shape as Melbourne gets closer. I began the hunt with my CV, with changes and changes. I find you send it to a friend, they give their feedback and then you like it even more. Then you send it to another friend, they criticise another aspect OR say the opposite of the last friend. So really, don’t show it to too many, maybe just a few key people who know their stuff. Which I did this time around and am really happy with the result. When you think about it, two pages represent who you are, as a person and what you rock at. I apparently rock at ping pong ball hunting and filing. It was fun comparing my CV from 2005 to 2011. Its like reading your weekend summary in your creative writing book from grade 3, compared to your history essay in grade 11 on Trench Warfare.

Do I even finish the point of some stories on here? Sometimes no, as I dont even read through my entry, I just click “publish post”.

Idealist and realist. Keeps people guessing supposedly. Its what I am. Have a perfect concept in my head, like.. lindt chocolate bunnies, the ones with the gold bell on them. But at same time, be happy with a Cadbury white chocolate bunny. OK, what was that analogy. And why isnt my question mark working. No really, idealist being I hope for the best and in good times it can be great. So Melbourne is going to be amazing and a perfect opportunity for me. Then realism will kick in and any opportunity will be great, not just the perfect ones. Did that make sense?

Mum told me she is selling her car and going with her gf around Australia in a van. The middle age person dream. When do you catch this dream? I dont really have a desire to do it JUST yet. The company would have to be good and… ok I am gonna stop there. I saw Black Swan tonight and I swear it is a mental mind blow and you feel you are insane yourself when you exit the cinema.

I had a fantastic weekend also, hung out with Dan, a Melbourne Welshman. He makes me laugh and he sucks at applying suncream, and swimming in the ocean. Other than that he is quality. Had a few adventures, like traveling to Cockatoo island and exploring an aspect of Sydney I never knew existed. Glad I can still do this, just as I leave this place. And get to know Melbourne. A few adventures I am yet to have I reckon.

Sydney was voted worst city by its own citizens. The Melbourne paper reported this today.

Me me me. I i i.


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