Final days..

So am sitting on my mattress on the floor and there is a cockroach that seemed to have been homing in the truss of my bed frame. He seems a bit agitated. Move on mate.

Oh wow, now it is a day later and I am sitting on dining room chair in my half empty dining room in my boxers and a bottle of wild berry cider. Went and saw Brooke Fraser tonight, she is an artist I first discovered back in 2004, with a christian background and subtle/not so subtle message of God. Fond memories of her music, along with having a mate who also likes her, meant we went along to see her tonight. She has an amazing presence and so talented. She also takes people for who they are and performed in a Newcastle Gay Bar to 40 people before a Drag performance, as she knew that is where some of her fans were. See this song, it is my favourite of hers:

I had my nephew’s 1st birthday today. I went crazy with my new camera, I simply love just capturing the moments and story of an event or emotion in general. Both Mum and Dad came too, the beginning of family events where both come. It was good but naturally will only get better I hope. Jersey is such a cute little kid, cant wait to keep seeing how he keeps growing and who he becomes. A simple and amazing gift to watch this occur. And relfect on your own growth from being a kid. When making mud pies under the slippery dip WAS the event of the day.

I said bye to the family today, as I make the big move in 2 days.

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