The Day of the V.

Valentines day it is. Most bloggers will write about this, so I wont. Its just what I do. Buck the trend.

So I have been in Melbourne exactly 2 weeks now. I have had about 100 chai lattes and I think I have consumed alcohol everyday of the 14 days. Everyday has also been a day of food that is nice. We like that dont we. I have even considered a food blog because so many meals have been worthy of a photo. It also helps that the lovely Nick who I am staying with is a professional Chef. Makes me cower in the corner and NOT offer to cook anything, as it will look like a jar of baby food in comparison. Mooshy and easy, twist the jar and away you go.

Currently I am sitting in my PJs, which I have no idea where they came from as I usually do not own them. But because I am sleeping on a couch in someone’s living room, a guy in undies is not the first sight you want to see when you walk into your living room, so magically I have PJ’s in my suitcase. So am sitting here in my PJ’s and clicking on This informs me that there are 209 “EA/PA jobs in Melbourne”. Where?? I dont see them?? Legal firms, accountancy firms and financial firms. You may as well say, here there are jobs for suits and a desk and an office cubicle and you get paid reasonably to do stuff and then go home and come back again. That was such a lame attempt at describing establishment. I really wouldn’t go so well in the anti-establishment. Boo. So, as you can tell, no job yet 🙂 But I got a good feeling about this week.

I went to a house in St Kilda with a new mate Peter on Friday night, and it was one of those nights where, you didnt know anyone but by the end of the night and a few drinks later, you had danced with all three of their pet dogs in the loungroom and played with the curtains. I am sure you can all relate.

House hunting does kinda suck. I went to wait outside a flat where there was a viewing (not one of those regular days where you stand outside a flat for the sake of it and listen to what music the person will play next, fun game I know..) and 40 people turned up for the viewing. Is that enough to make you just walk away from the place and not see the inside, as it will be just cruel if you love it.

Feels like I have been here for quite a while. But it hasnt. Been.



  1. I just arrived in Mel today and I have been walking around trying to see everything. Well I`m just trying to find some friendly people to spend time around the city in this short holiday in Mel.Pretty sure you won`t see it but I just leave. have fun and good luck with the job hunting :)

  2. I suppose it could be true that "a guy in undies is not the first sight you want to see when you walk into your living room", however, some of us would be grateful for such things…

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