When I say flooded, I am being a tad dramatic. I mean, I walked into my bedroom and half the bedroom carpet was a different colour. This was not because I was bored and painted it, but because it was water logged. Shit. The washing machine had decided to overflow again, at least it is functional at something right? I spent the next 2 hours soaking up the bathroom floor water with a towel and squeezing it into the bathroom tub. The water was brown. Then I soaked up the water in the carpet into a tub, but the water was yellow, I just refused to question why it was yellow. Still do, la la la.

I had my first dinner guests this week. Wednesday was Dan, and I cooked Chicken and Leek Risotto. Well it was meant to be pumpkin risotto but due to a fussy house guest I changed it last minute. No dig there.
Then on Sunday evening I had the guys I stayed with for the first few weeks in Melbourne over, and cooked corn bread, fresh guacamole and chicken chilli con carne. Was all yum! I was impressed. But this shant turn into a food blog, I aint Amy Adams.

So have had one full week in my apartment alone, and its pretty surreal. Love the feeling of doing everything for myself, but try not let the worry of having no job fill that enjoyment. I am beginning to consider bar work again, just to keep me sane and to meet new people.

Seeing the Tsunami/Earthquake on TV in Japan, once again we just do not comprehend. The thing is, we have seen all this before with Asia, Haiti, NZ etc, and we just see it and cannot imagine the experience or the great loss of life. Common experience between them and us is the only thing we have to relate. So we try and look for those common things on the TV. I dont know really, it is a grasp of understanding. Why these things happen or why these people.. always seeing it so far away we compute it will not happen to us. Dangerous to think like that.

Miss my old flatmates though… found this photo on my phone and forgot to upload it, from Christmas Eve last year at the beach. So much has changed already, but love that I have them in my life.


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