I did something kind of old school and ordered a CD online, it arrived today. Yes, old school. The last CD I bought was probably in 2005. So it came in the mail today, and to my relief the snails that have decided to put a vendetta out against my mail, had not eaten it. The dickheads keep eating my mail, and I take all the snails out of the letterbox and throw them into the bush, but then the next day they are back. I even try and surprise them by opening the mailbox suddenly, it does not work. Dickheads.

BACK to the CD. It was the OST of “Mary and Max”, a brilliant film released a few years ago, and produced by a friend, it is claymation and set in Australia and New York, about the unusual and quirky penfriend relationship between a young girl with no friends and a middle aged man with aspergers syndrome. Now that sounds a bit weird, but its totally above board and such a beautiful film. The soundtrack has a main theme, originally written by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, which speaks volumes for beauty to me. See the below clip to hear it.

And here is the trailer to the film, and wow, it has the music from above IN the trailer. Unreal hey.

It is St Pat’s Day, and am I the only who thinks that since I am not Irish, it is not a day for me to celebrate. It is like all the Mongolian people getting pissed on Australia Day. Or maybe I am cynical or just got my shoes on the wrong hand today.

Some good new leads for work, and it really cheered me up.

Has anyone ever owned a panda suit, I am curious.

NYC is my home. Born in Sydney and raised by the sea, I love the world and any opportunity to be myself. I like saying the word puddle.

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