King Tut

I find when so much happens in a small amount of time and I have not written anything, I get a little anxious as I will try and do what I always do and summarise it all way too much and its like a back page summary of how my kettle works. Without the info on where I was made.

So, I wanted to dedicate this to Lucy, as she is a wonderful human being who I have known my whole life and I still know so well and we have gone on such similar and also opposite paths. She visited me for the weekend just gone, and it was tops. Amongst having childhood icecreams from the Milkbar, to patting a cat through a stranger’s flat window, singing out old Christian hymns in the park at night (and noticing hymns were NEVER designed for congregations of common people, our vocal chords exemplified this) and sitting under a full moon in a rooftop bar in Melbourne sipping cider (what else??). It was all just simply fun and to be around someone who has known me so long, there is that load of feeling like you do not have to keep giving out info to let the person know you more. We could just laugh and comment on small things, and the other would get it. I find it less and less it is hard to have those people in your life on a day to day basis and so when one of them comes for a while, it is just nice. Familiarity hey!

A cat just ran past my front door, sideways. With a bell on and then I heard a crash.

So back to my story. I GOT A JOB.

I am now the Operations Coordinator at an Egyptian Exhibition in a Museum here. I am so stoked. I love Egyptian history (seems a lot of people do!) and I now get to work and manage the operations of bringing this to Australia for the first and last time. Day One was today and it was quite the day, as most first days are. I was sent home after with a book on Egypt. I am officially loving it. Down my alley and a little bit further I reckon.


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