Taste buds

I was having drinks with an amazing friend of mine Marissa and talking about all this stuff and she went to the bathroom and so I thought, hey I am going to be a bit structured and type into my notes on my iPhone, what interesting points we have discussed, so I can write them down here. I looked at them later and they made no sense. Shit.

This is what is written on my iPhone to discuss:

– Awkward hugs
– Marissa Kiss Story
– Kid Backpack
– Love Differently

I am struggling to remember any of what these points are. Though we WERE talking about how when you go to hug someone and they pull out of the hug as you are still going in. Especially found this when I was getting to know my step mother. Struggle street when that happens. Makes you less and less confident to hug every time and it just gets worse.

Oh and the Marissa Kiss story… My friend Marissa was at her friend’s wedding and something about an awkward kiss that was hilarious when she told me, but believe if I explain it, it would just sound like I was explaining how funny the grocery store was when a man in a red beanie walked past. Right?

I will try remember the other two points, including why on earth I titled this post as “taste buds” and try get back to you on that.

I had such a nice night last night. I was randomly invited to a new friend of mine’s house. He is quite well known here in Australia and it is an amazing house. The people were awesome and really interesting, and I got along well with one of the guys, I reckon he will be a great new mate. Melbourne really is making me really happy.

The job is panning out well, have been there a week and really amazing. I get to help coordinate such an intriguing exhibit and feel honoured to be a part of it. Kind of like how a turkey is honoured to be a part of the royal christmas dinner as a special guest.

Had some training at the MCG the other day, that stadium is pretty bloody beautiful.

And a song of one of my favourite songs of all time, covered by one of my favourite artists of all time.


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