A wise man told me recently that the loop I feel I am in… Can be a good thing. A time in your life where you can watch and learn.

And it is true, I am finding I can focus on watching and observing people, experiences and simply sitting still.

I bought a world map, and stuck it to my wall above my half built IKEA table. It is half built as only half the table was for sale. The other half wasn’t. I am waiting for it to be, and so in the mean time I have a table with no top. Some may think this is dumb but I think it is edgy. Without the edges. The map was sitting happily until I was in my room and heard it lightly fall off. I didnt think much of it til I remembered that right below it were three candles. I jumped out of bed and raced into the living room. My ears are special and thank goodness they are. Elephant like, just not in size but the amount of noise that would be picked up by that spacial area of an elephant ear. Raced in and yep, my map was on fire. Blowing and blowing and it was out. Close call, as the table with no table top would have caught fire, stainless steel is dangerous. I placed it back on the wall, my map just became more artistic, now with all of Brazil burnt out, that’s fine though, I just won’t invite any brazilians over.
I do wonder though if the flame only burning Brazil means that Brazil is hot? Scorching even.

Waiting for a tram currently. Though the others who were waiting for it all walked off, damnit I wanna know what they know.

We had an event at the museum the other night. So bloody fun… My friend Marissa livened up everyone and even a random man jumped in a photo I took. Thanks random man.

I called mum earlier. She was distracted and giving directions to Glenda. Though told me off the cuff my Pop is in hospital and had a turn for the worse. Then she hung up.. Thanks Mum!

Tram arrived. Those losers missed the tram.

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