The quiet noise of the ABC news radio music, with the gentle tone of how many hours it is. 3. The official Australian ABC accent of the newsreader, not quite British and not quite Australian, kind of like a grandfather I never knew. The hum of the car. The smell of my blanket and pillow, safe and warm. Constant sleepiness, as my family heads to some holiday. Two more hours until McDonalds breakfast and until my sister and I can choose the music, and not have the ABC radio on. Randomly getting bored and I poke my sister’s ear through the pillows on her side of the car.

Have you ever decided to speak in random gibberish while looking in the mirror, imagining yourself as foreign? Yeah neither.

I had a good time with Dad when he was down. I think the main lesson I learnt is, if you ask your parents questions, they actually might answer in an open and honest way when you are both adults. I learnt so much. And I got to go to dinner with Dad and an old school mate of his. Watching them talk about the funny and eventful memories they have from when they were my age and younger gave me a grin. It is those times I do see myself in my Dad.

I attempted a favourite slice of mine that I have always wanted to be able to make. And somehow, it worked! Though Dorris and Bev never showed up for afternoon tea.

I like the Weepies. I cant recall if I have said this before and it is not about their name. If anything, their band name is quite sad when their music is quite raw and happy. Well, this one isnt as much, but I still like them. They bring back sad, sometimes painful but also happy memories. This is from their latest album and they sound just as good live, rare rare rare.

Sometimes I find writing here, I write everything but what the main thought of mine is right now. I try and suck out any other random passing thoughts, even for just a second, so that I do not type what I am really thinking. Like a dog that is really selective about what cats to chase. Or like a bus that is picking everyone up, not just the seniors.



  1. I ran into your blog a while ago and as I keep reading it, i really find your language style funny and relaxing. How do i call it? hmm…id say its gramatically funny but intelligently packed.

  2. If your typing anything but what your thinking….then what is it your trying to say? Your not telling us what you are really thinking leaving us wondering from your wandering…

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