Personalised Street

I have this awesome new scarf, it is awesome simply because it was made for me. My friend Lucy actually knits, and she has since I have known her, and I finally have something that was made for me, clothing wise. The knit feels soft and when you run your fingers over each loop in the stitching, it is a loop, every loop, that was made with a purpose of creating warmth. Whoah whoah, lets not go deep with knitting!

I hate sunny windy days. It defeats the purpose of the sun. Love overcast windy days because they make sense to me. They tell me to stay inside and nap, or watch episode 5 of season 5 of Weeds, maybe episode 6 too. But sunny days in general, you feel you should go outside, but if the wind is howling, you still feel you cannot be inside. See my point? Yeah thought so. Pretty sure Sue does, while she types up that report for Mr Ruso. Dont ask me who Sue is.

Dad has just landed at Melbourne Airport, he should get to my house soon. He is here to visit for a few days, I feel lucky that he makes the effort to come here. So the pressure is on to make it fun, though already have plans for a dinner tonight with Marissa and Dad.

I still like my street sign, it is “My Road”. I could use many metaphors, or the other one that is like a metaphor, on the symbolism of this. But then I dont get to talk about how awesome cream is on top of porridge. Brown sugar, milk and a small serving of cream, makes porridge just OK.

Love this photo… A fun and relaxing morning up the mountains a few weeks ago. I already did a report on that.

PS I like this song. I think the trumpet reminds me of the ABC News song, which you know, romantic and stuff. “?”.


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